Miri Floores is a talented artist with a passion for techno music and fashion design.

Originally from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Miri moved to Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, where she continues to pursue her creative vision – creating music that combines stunning melodies with infectious grooves and great beats.


For some people, arts and creativity are more than just entertainment: they are a way of life that is deeply tied to their personality, connected beautifully to their vision and energy as human beings.


With her passion and ability to express herself as a fashion design and a musician, Miri Floores is able to truly reach out to a wide audience with her one-of-a-kind attitude and infectious enthusiasm.


Miri Floores

Miri (born Miriam) has been in Europe for over 18 years now, as she graduated from the Dutch Fashion Design Academy with remarkable grades.

Ever since she was very young, she had been passionate about music and artistic expressions in general.


She started by designing kimonos for festival-goers and eventually, started making music on her own. Her unique cultural combination of a global citizen with Brazilian heritage allowed her to create music with a truly unique feel.


Miri’s productions combine the warmth and loving positivity of her native country, with the impact of the hardest techno music, inspired by the thriving Berlin scene.


Miri’s recent release is a mixtape titled “Expedition” currently available through her official page on Soundcloud.

The project is a great example of Miri’s sonic vision, marking a really unique step forward for this artist, whose sound is becoming increasingly more personal and defined, one release at a time.


Find out more about Miri Floores and don’t miss out on her music and activities: she is planning on releasing her first EP in 2018!